Trademark Services

Protect Your Brand with a Trusted Ally By Your Side

At Oguz Law, we offer a comprehensive suite of trademark solutions to protect your products and services. Whether you need assistance registering a trademark, renewing an existing trademark, or international trademark protection, our lawyers are here to provide strategic legal assistance at every stage.


Explore Our Trademark Solutions

International Trademark Protection

Extend the reach of your brand by obtaining comprehensive protection across borders.

Trademark Searches

Identify potential risks, empower informed decisions, and minimize challenges for a successful trademark registration.

Trademark Filing and Registration

Build brand identity and obtain legal recognition by registering your trademarks.

Trademark Monitoring

From initial application to timely responses to notices from USPTO examiners, reduce the risk of abandonment and maximize your chances of success.

Trademark Office Action

Understand and respond to Office Actions promptly and accurately, ensuring your trademark registration progresses smoothly.

Trademark Renewal

Protect your brand and avoid unnecessary complications with timely trademark renewals.