• Vesting Schedules in a Nutshell

    May 7 , 2024

    In the business and employment arena, vesting schedules are a topic of frequent discussion, particularly when it comes to employee benefits, stock options, and equity compensation. These schedules are pivotal in defining the timeline for when various forms of compensation transition to full ownership by an employee, founder, or participant. This guide aims to explain […]

    4 min. read

  • FTC Bans Non-Compete Agreements Nationwide

    Apr 30 , 2024

    The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has issued a final rule that establishes a nationwide prohibition on non-compete clauses on April 23, 2024.

    6 min. read

  • Forming an LLC in the United States

    Feb 13 , 2024

    The first step to establish an LLC is to file “articles of organization” which is equivalent to the “certificate of formation” or “certificate of organization” with your state’s business filing office, usually the Secretary of State.

    3 min. read