Vehicle Accident

Vehicle accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that drivers experience at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is a minor fender-bender or a catastrophic collision, parties usually suffer detrimental consequences: property damage, bodily injury, pain and suffering, loss of income, or sometimes all of these together. If you suffer such injuries due to another party’s negligence, it is your legal right to request to be compensated for the injuries suffered. 

Unfortunately, defending and proving your rights against a wrongful party and an insurance company can be challenging. It involves many technical details, and presenting a diligently prepared case improves your chances of receiving fair compensation. Preparing such a claim on your own can be incredibly demanding when you are busy trying to recover from accident-related injuries. If an injured person is unaware of their legal rights, it reduces their potential of receiving adequate compensation for the loss they suffer. 

Our team is here to assist you through all the steps of your case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. From day one, we assist you in every stage of your recovery so that you can focus on the most important aspect: your well-being. 

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    Common Vehicle Accident Injuries

    • Property Damage

    In the event of a vehicle accident, it is likely that the involved vehicles will sustain damage. If the damage is repairable, we are here to help you recover the repair expenses. However, if the car is deemed to be a total loss, we will assist you in recovering fair compensation from the insurance company for the approximate market value of the vehicle. In addition to damage to the vehicles, accidents may also cause harm to other personal property, such as breaking a garage door or a window. In such cases, you may request compensation for the damages as well.

    • Bodily Injury

    Whether it is soft-tissue damage (e.g. sprains and strains) or serious bodily injuries (e.g. spinal cord injury, concussions, or internal trauma), most vehicle accidents result in some type of bodily injuries. If you have been in an accident and were injured, you can ask for compensation to cover any medical costs incurred as a result of the accident, including ambulance costs. You can also request payment for future medical care and treatment costs that are expected to arise.

    • Pain and Suffering

    When an individual gets injured in a vehicle accident, it can cause them to experience mild to severe discomfort, such as pain or distress in the back, leg, neck, or head. The injured person may also request to be compensated for the non-economic aspect of their injuries, which is known as pain and suffering. Pain and suffering include all types of distress, such as anxiety, depression, fright, loss of companionship, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of quality of life, and physical pain. These factors can significantly affect the injured individual’s emotional well-being.

    • Loss of Earnings

    Most vehicle accident victims who suffer injuries find themselves unable to work during their recovery period. As a result, they may experience a loss of income and earnings. However, as the accident-related injuries are the direct cause of this loss, the victim has the right to request compensation for their financial damages.

    These injuries have one common aspect: they directly affect the quality of daily life.  At Oguz Law, we embrace a practical approach. Without burdening our clients with technical details, we focus on their needs.

    Protecting Your Legal Rights: Initial Steps to Take After a Vehicle Accident

    • Do not leave the scene of the accident.
    • If you or an injured party needs immediate medical attention, call 911 and get help.
    • Pull your vehicle to a safe area.
    • Call the traffic police at the scene of the accident and file a report of the accident.
    • Write down basic information about the accident and take photos of the accident scene and vehicle damage.

    Evaluating Your Case: Key Factors Considered

    In a vehicle accident, all these factors below have a bearing on the evaluation of the case:

    • The types of vehicles involved (car, truck, 18-wheeler, motorcycle, bicycle etc.);
    • The occurrence of the collision (rear-end, head-on, t-bone, highway, parking lot, rollover, sideswipe, etc.);
    • Type of damage sustained (property damage, bodily injury, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, etc.)
    • The scope of the insurance policy of the persons involved in the accident (policy limits, collision coverage, commercial use coverage, uninsured/uninsured coverage, ridesharing coverage, etc.).

    Some special factors can also have an impact on an insurance claim:

    • Vehicle accidents involving minors
    • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Accident
    • Uber and Lyft (Ridesharing) Accidents
    • Hit and Run Accident
    • Uninsured Driver Claims
    • Rental Car Accident
    • Unlicensed Driver Accident
    • Single Car Accident
    • Driving for Work (Driving Under Employment)

    If you were involved in a vehicle accident involving these factors, you should warn your attorney about the circumstances so that he can evaluate your case and advise you accordingly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Firstly, we carefully examine the case and determine the potential liability of the parties involved. Then, we promptly contact the insurance companies on behalf of our clients to resolve the property damage claim as a top priority. Meanwhile, we also work towards arranging a rental for our clients.

    Paying medical bills upfront can be very burdensome. This is also true for those with medical insurance because not all treatments are covered. Therefore, many injured people are afraid of receiving crucial medical care in the aftermath of an accident. At Oguz Law, we help you find medical professionals who work on a medical lien basis. So you won't be required to make an upfront payment, and your medical bills will be paid from the settlement reached with the insurance company.

    If you are not the wrongful party, you don't need to worry about your premiums going up when the insurance company covers your medical expenses. We also assist you in organizing your medical appointments, which can be difficult when you are in pain.

    We find doctors and care teams who offer medical services on a lien basis and are located near your home. This way, you can receive treatment promptly without traveling far. We also schedule appointments for you at times that are convenient for you. Once your treatment is completed, we collect your medical records and bills to prepare your case. This way, you can focus on your health and recovery without worrying about the paperwork.

    If you suffer from loss of income because you were unable to work during your recovery period after the accident, you can claim your loss from the wrongful party's insurance. While preparing your case, we help you assess your loss of income. It is mainly done by comparing your average income before the accident with your average income after the accident and determining the number of days you were unable to work. If you work under an employer, you prove the number of days you couldn't work and your usual income with pay stubs.

    If you are self-employed, you prove your income before the accident and potential drop or loss after the accident with your bank statements.
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